Motorcycle cover size chart

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When you plan to buy one motorcycle cover for your bike, you need measure your bike length, width, height firstly. If your bike's mirror is higher than bike handle bar, you also need consider the mirror.

In most cases, we choose motorbike cover size larger than our bike size, about 20cm in lenght, width and height. For example, if your motorcycle is 145*80*110cm, we will choose one bike cover with size 165*100*130cm.

To measure the size of your bike height, you also need think of the mirror which is usually higher than the bike itself. Now the mirror height to the ground will be your bike height for choosing the bike cover.

Now in the market, we can usually see size L, XL, XXL bike covers. You need know actually each size cover's lenght, width and height to fit your bike. Different brand has different size cart.

Do you need cover your bike?

Yes, of course. One good cover can help your bike avoiding from sunshine, birds dropping, dirty things and so on.

In winter, most drivers plan to put their bikes into basement. One nice cover will be helpful for yuou. It not only protects the surface of your bike,but also keep your motorcycle away from scratching the body.

Which material is better for bike cover?

As far as I see, the 190T polyster material is one common material we see in market. It is between price 20-25 USD.

And other material is 210D polyster, it is strong and waterproof than 190T material. The weight is lttle bit more than 190T material.


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