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Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

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The Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge is the perfect tool to keep in the car, garage, or any place you may need to use it. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, glove compartment, or purse.

This handy tool is easy to use and always accurate! 

Right now, the Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge is on SALE!


  • HIGHLY ACCURATE – Quickly and easily check your tires in two different pressure units with both PSI and BAR settings. Get an accurate reading every time.
  • BACKLIT SCREEN – Taking accurate readings is super easy thanks to the clear backlit screen; perfect for use during the day or at night.
  • EASY-GRIP HANDLE – The comfortable easy-grip design makes it easy to hold the tire gauge at any angle. Hanging hook makes it easy to store.
  • AUTO SHUTOFF FEATURE – Includes a handy auto shutoff feature to conserve power so that batteries last longer.
  • SAFETY AND ECONOMY – Correctly inflated tires improve your vehicle’s performance when driving and help improve fuel economy. Checking tire pressure regularly is essential in maintaining any vehicle.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Digital Tire Air Pressure Gauge


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Customer Reviews

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is a good Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

I have written a little about Astro AI digital tyre pressure gauge but want add a little more about it. One car has runflat ultra high performance tyre which needs different air pressure on front and back, for performance cars you need to have accurate pressure and this gauge made my life easy.
I have checked the gauge in comparison with the manual and digital gauges; it gives the accurate results and that’s what you want. Very easy to use and handy to keep always in the glove box⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

is a good Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

When I bought this for a fiver, I didn't think that it would be so accurate and such a great product. Turn it on, take the tyre cap off, put this on the cap and push down for a reading. My tyres were a little high so I let the air out and took another reading. Set the tyres to the same pressures and bobs your uncle, the internal pressure gauge reads the same readings as hand held pressure guage, my pressures are all equal left and right🤣😂
You can switch through different units by pressing the button
is a good Pressure Gauge

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

It works just like the directions on the product description say. I used it to fill my car tires to between 43-44 PSI. My first tire inflator didn't have a gauge on it, so this came in handy. I double checked the accuracy by using two other tire pressure gauge I had lying around. They were all about the same. The second tire inflator I bought (first one took forever and was really loud), had a built-in analog gauge, which I thought was going to make this digital gauge obsolete, but good thing I had it because the analog one was way off. I uploaded a picture of all the gauges. I definitely prefer the digital one.

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