How to install one universal goandstop digital gear indicator? – GOandStOp

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Order the digital gear indicator from legal sellers

You may find there are many sellers sell this indicator with very cheap price, but you need remember to order one high quality product from brand owner or brand authrized seller.

Check the products included kits

For our product package, it includes one indicator, 2 sensors with 4 cables, one magnet which is very strong and manuls in English. Please check after you get your order from oversea or amazon stock.

Start to install it on your bike

Our digital gear indicator works on bikes with gears working like 1, 0 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 gears. You need check this first and know it is compatible with your bike.

Find one place to hold the sensors, for different bikes, there is always different places to hold the sensors.  The upper and down sensor distance is 2-3 cm, because the magent will move up and down between them. The magnet will make the sensor active to send signal to display. You can adjust the distance yourself by testing display number flashing.

After the sensors are hold, you need connect the cables following the instructions. The white cable, red cable, black cable and other cables. This is easy for you to finish.

Lastly, hold the display on your bike dashborad or place you need. Just use one sticker to hold it. 

If you need more help, just contact with us.