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How to Connect SX-05 motorbike meter

goandstop sx-05 tachometer speedometer

Goandstop SX-05 meter is our new designed motorbike meter for 399km/h riders. It has lots of functions the original bikes do not have. We develop this meter for your fast riding with alarming as well as the rpm over 1200 rpm/m.

We have manuals for basic installation, but some of our customers do not know how to install and adjust it. So we share the tips below.

Hold the installation frame on your bike.

We provide the holder for you, it has 4 screws to hold it on your bike strongly. You just need install it with tools.

Plug and play sensors you need plugin.

We prepare sensor cables for installation. No wires is needed for your bike. Find one better place to hold the magnet and sensors which is one must thing to make the signal sending in right way.