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Kawasaki motorbike indicator Installation Guide:

1. Find the red color 4 pole male diagnostic connector, it is usually near the ECU box. Maybe it is one removable cap and partially covered by black tape.

2. After the installation, you need to set it up.
A. Set your motorcycle rear wheel on the stand frame, turn on the key, the gear indicator is flashing with letter L. It means it is learning now.
B. Start your engine, the letter L will flash to number 1, now you need change gear to 1.
C. You need speed up by controlling your right handlebar throttle to set gear 2,3,4,5,6, the gear position should compatible with your normal RPM at the moment.

Re-start your engine now, you can see gear number 0,1,2,3,4,5,6

 kawasaki indicator with connector kawasaki connector with cables

Kawasaki Bike models for your reference:

ER-6F/ER-6N 2012-2017
Ninjia250R/Ninjia300 2013-2017
Ninjia 400R 2013-2014
Ninjia 6502012-2017
Ninjia 1000 2011-2017
Versys 650 2010-2017
Vulcan S 650 2015-2017
Vulcan 900 2011-2017
W800 2011-2017
Z300 2014-2017
Z750 2010-2012
Z750R 2011-2012
Z800 Z800e2013-2017
Z1000 2010-2017
Z1000SX ZRX 2011-2017
KVF750 2012-2016


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