Motorcycle Universal Digital Gear Indicator Display Shift Lever Sensor Blue Red

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Goandstop Motorcycle Digital Gear Indicator shift indicator 

Item Weight: 0.2kg
Item Width: 2.5inch
External Testing Certification: CCC
Item Length: 2.5cm
Item Height: 1.8cm
Material Type: led
Item Diameter: 3.5inch

Digital gear indicator features:

Shows current gear number
Indicates current gear from 1 to max. of 8, as well as a neutral indicator 
Auto programming 
Compatible with all motorbikes, four wheelers, bikes etc. - will fit anything with a shift lever 
Red/Blue illuminated display will automatically dim at night
Detects the current gear faster than other gear indicators that use speedometer/tachometer signal
Display can be mounted anywhere

How does it work?

A small magnet mounted on the gear shift lever which moves past the upshift and downshift sensor as shifts occur. The shift signals are then sent to the display, where the current gear number is shown.

Why do you need one digital gear indicator?

How many times do you find yourself trying to upshift on the highway just to find out that you are already in the top gear, or try to downshift only to find out you are already in first gear? How often do you get asked what gear you were in around a tight corner? These are just a few examples of the usefulness of this gear indicator.

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nice shift indicator

fast shipment than i think, will order again this gear shift indicator.