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Goandstop ZX-01 Tachmeter Installation Guide

Posted by Jianjun Ren on

Steps on how to install ZX-01 tachometer

Firstly you need to know our tachometer is for scooters or bikes with RPM signal from the ignition coil but not from a spark plug.

You know in the motorcycle market, most of the scooters' tachometer signals are from the spark plug. But Goandstop ZX-01 tachometer is different from other meters. The tacho signal is from the ignition coil. 

If your bike's RMP signal is from the ignition coil, your bike or scooter will work with it.

In our experience, most of the scooters in Thailand works with our tachometer. 

zx-01 scooter tachometer

Secondly, connect the cables as instructions below.

The red cable is for positive, the green cable is for a signal for RMP. The green cable should connect with the ignition coil.

Hold the tachometer with your bike dashboard.

Here maybe you need to make holes on scooters, do not worry about it. If you need help, you can ask engineers in a motorbike shop.

Lastly, turn on your bike or scooter to adjust it.

goandstop scooter tachometer


 Our tachometer works to monitor your bike RPM, time, and voltage.


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