How to Solve Gear Shift Indicator Not Working

Posted by Jianjun Ren on

When you get one gear shift indicator from one seller online. You are hurry to install it on your bike, but some time you meet problem with gear shift indicator does not working on your bike. Please do not worry, here I share you tips.

Confirm you buy from one legal seller

There are many sellers online in China. Some of them are authorizied sellers who are our legal agent. Some are fake products sellers, they copy our products with low cost, they can not assure the product quality. If you are not lucky and buy from fake products, they are usually not working.

Check the sensors and magnets with manuals

The magnet is strong for signal processing on our shift gear indicator. The fake product does not meet the standard which will make you lose money. 

For the manual, we also note our website in manual in English. You need follow the instruction to install it on your bike. You can check how to install the gear indicator here.

Test the gear indicator display before installation

You need connect the cables red and black with your 12V battery to check if the display works, usually it lighting with number 0 for testing. If you can see it, it means the display works great.


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